toki tori 2

Toki Tori 2: Platform and puzzle fun

Toki Tori 2 is the second installment of the puzzle platform game starring a cute chick. The title, although available in other platforms, is perfectly suited to the Nintendo WiiU, and was already a success in the now dilapidated Game Boy. Now, you can get through the Nintendo eShop.

toki tori 2

The game once again has a number of levels as a phase in which we must overcome various puzzles and puzzles that are slowly increasing their difficulty. Our goal is to reach the exit of each level and gain access to the next, but we can go collect gold pieces, activating doors and other ancillary tasks.

Our protagonist can move freely from one part to another of the scenarios by applying their skills to overcome the difficulties that are presenting. These skills are sing musical notes and hit it with your back to the obstacles and enemies that you will be presenting on their way.

The interaction with various animals and objects that are present in the funds is fundamental in the development of the adventure, reacting some and others in very different ways to our actions.

Variety of puzzles
The variety of puzzles that lay this adventure is remarkable both in number and in quality, becoming very addictive. Keep in mind that everything we will learn with the old formula of trial and error, as we have no tutorial.

At a graphical level the game doe’s not present great difficulties and the responses are very elementary.