tokyo crash mobs

Tokyo Crash Mobs: an original puzzle game to Japanese taste

Tokyo Crash Mobs a game of the Nintendo 3DS clearly directed to the Japanese public and adapts to tastes, in many respects far from ours. However, globalization means that these differences of taste ever be reduced and we have people here too fun with games there.

tokyo crash mobs

Tokyo Crash Mobs is a weird game, with a different aesthetic and based on puzzles. The objective is to form groups of figures throwing pieces of different shapes and colors.

Delete queues
If regularly in this type of games are usually throw fireballs or geometric figures, here the novelty lies in that people are released, called “Scenesters”. All of them are lined up and our goal is to end this line before time runs out or reach a certain point.

In the course of the game, and given that we have several modes of play, we will find new difficulties force us to fix every way if we meet our goal of eliminating the queue of people.

At a graphical level the title is, call it in some way, original. Uses real digitized videos, what is striking at the same time that strange. Sounds also attract much attention and get away from what we usually see in other games.

Being so different surely find out defenders while implacable detractors. Its price, quite affordable, invites you to at least test it.