gta san andreas

Top 8 list for gta san andreas xbox 360 cheats

Today in the most popular games in the world Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of them. In this video game, there are various types of cheats defined by the developer. These cheats activated by the cheat codes that enter by the player during the playing the game. These cheats codes hides by the developer from the player in the ordinary view.

gta san andreas

Cheat mode
During playing the game, you have to enter the below cheat codes to activate its respective function. After enter, a right cheat codes a notification display on your computer screen that show about the confirmation that you enter. These cheat codes never stored permanently in the game, means when you require same cheat codes again then you must have to enter same cheat code manually again. For a mission, activated cheat codes will be disabled. In this game all the directions and instructions given to the digital pad.

During playing the game, you have to press LEFT, RIGHT cursor with the A, Y characters to invincibility. And after five-minute you must have to enter these cheat codes to remove this effect. But these effects do not work with the vehicles.

Super jump
During playing the game, you just have to enter cheat codes by press the left right, X, RT, RB, and take X key to getting a super jump.

Speedily run
During playing the game, just have to enter cheat codes for press RIGHT and LEFT cursor key with the X, LT, and LB. it gives you a faster speed.

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During playing the game, just press LEFT and RIGHT cursor key with the LT, RT, LB characters. This code breeds you in the sky for SkyDrive, it is a free fall. But it is never enabled to utilize the parachute. Skyfall cheat is can be very important at the time of travelling fast in the map.

Infinite Money
In this game, there are various hidden packages in every place as 34000 dollar. If one character is placed, then you can move the second character to the second position. Then, float down to the package and store it. And transfer it with the first character. And if you want to get much money, you have to repeat this process again and again.

Upgrade vehicles free
When you playing a mission, you have to go gun store, and purchase all upgrades that available in the weapons and guns. And if you use weapons one of them then your mission will fail, and you will have to begin this game from the starting.

Repair vehicle free
During the game many times your vehicles going to damaged, to repair it you have to enter its respective cheat codes to repair it. For this, you have to save the game, and in the few seconds your vehicle will be repaired.