Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution does not leave indifferent

Trials Evolution is a game that, despite the fact that it is based on highly used elements in previous games, get surprise, which is already important in the current times. A proper aesthetic, entertaining tests and so on-line really stand out.

Trials Evolution

Provides interesting news
Definitely, Trials Evolution is not more of the same with respect to Trials HD. The way to play if you keep the same essence, so it will be easy to adapt for those who played the previous version, but there are more elements that influence the game. In fact there are so many things on the screen that you will need to be very attentive to not miss any detail. Unexpected characters, explosions, sounds…

While not all this is a simulator, yes we can find elements that are not going to disappoint and we provide long hours of entertainment. As we move into a racing bike by winding paths and we will improve levels getting items that will allow us to buy the garage, customize the bike and the rider, etc…

Freedom of choice
The game gives us great freedom when creating our own circuits and reenactments to feel like Marc Coma in Dakar. Therefore requires very active participation in the development of the game by the user. This is an advantage for the players more creative and inconvenient for those who prefer to have everything done in advance.

Very worth noting is the ability to download new tracks easily with what the game never will find it repetitive.






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