Trine 2

Trine 2: The beauty of the battles

Trine 2 is a game with a maximum care of the aesthetic that captivates the spectacular recreation of the scenarios. The work in this section is sublime, very suitable for a game that combines action, puzzles and platforms.

Trine 2

Changes Strategy
But not only have the visual aspects of this game lived, because the action also entertains. It stays in the classic move, jump and kill as many repetitive titles arriving bored. Here also take care of these aspects, and we have to put the five senses to achieve our goals, because often go wrong and we have to change our strategy.

Care details
The recreation of the characters is spectacular, with lots of details, many of them essential in tackling the duels with the enemies that we will have to be overcome to win the game. Also the different objects in our way will discover new possibilities. And of course, the scenarios, which practically make us, travel to new worlds to discover a great beauty.

The music has also been taken seriously in Trine 2, and is an ideal companion in the course of the game. It is true that most warriors’ fans will throw them into something more lack of aggressiveness in the fights.

Here there is no blood or extreme violence. It gives priority to the aesthetics, the beauty of the duel, the visual grandeur of the victory. But it is not boring; it keeps us all senses alert to monitor.

It is an original game for those wanting to get out of the script in action games. There are battles, duels, weapons, action … but in a magical setting.







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