E3 2016

Two new producers announce that they will not stand at E3 2016

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, the largest exhibition of games in the world, will be a little different this year for those who are present. In addition to the giant Electronic Arts and Activision have announced that they will not have stand at the event, last Disney Interactive and Wargaming also revealed that they are not present. Disney did not elaborate on the reasons the decision, since the company has always been present for several years, with Disney Infinity and other games.

E3 2016

However, it is possible that the fact that the producer did not launch a new game this year may have led to the decision. Plan to upgrade the current Disney Infinity 3.0 with new content throughout the year. Already the giant Wargaming, which had huge stands in recent years and responsible for games such as World of Tanks and World of Warships said in an interview that E3 does not fit with the direction the company has taken in its business strategy.

“From the point of view of business E3 does not fit into our strategy. It is a central event in products for retail and like an enterprise of digital free plays to play, we realized that while the event is good for other producers and developers, does not fit very well for us”. Disney and Wargaming are part of the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) which is responsible for the event and represents the industry before the US government.

Rich Taylor, vice president of the ESA, also said in the same interview that the E3 “remains a dynamic, outstanding and valued event. It is the place to be. We have a record number of conferences this year before the opening of the event. This is indicative that people recognize the real value of our launch platform”, added the executive.