ultimate collector

Ultimate Collector: Create your own collections in this social game for Facebook

Collecting is one of the most veteran hobbies that have existed and will exist for a long time, a hobby whose purpose is not defined, for it seeks collections of rare artifacts, exotic or unique, from a limited edition game until a disposable object used by someone famous. In general, collecting knows no boundaries, and the new game of Portalarium and distributed Zynga for Facebook shows it fully, called Ultimate Collector and available to all users of this social network.

ultimate collector

With social environment simulator and collection, the game is presented with the goal of becoming the most ambitious collector of Facebook and can focus as a pickup game where our production only way is to buy and collect rare items, either for us or wait for the revaluation of our objects. Many variables must be controlled in every transaction we do, and our role will not have time to rest once we start our collections.

And it is that as all collections, if it is not complete its value remains well below what it could give. Our most basic way to earn money is to make a flea market with our antiques and less useful in our garage, a well-known American custom that will be our starting point on our way to the most respected collectors. Money will shine by their absence at the beginning, but if we can find our way by this hobby will be matter of hours we make a fortune of that money.

ultimate collector

Since our first coins we can begin to seek other homes of collectors or collections stores where there will be different daily deals and price changes that we must take advantage in our favor to get the parts which will be potentially more upgraded later. It will not be easy, and more than once we will stay almost ruined by buying a piece that, minutes later, its value is only for a few coins, but we will learn how the market behaves and will handle increasingly larger amounts of money and objects.

The customization of the game focuses on the decor of our house, the seat of our collections; we can place in our house as we will, in addition to our garden and garage, main exhibitors of our items for sale. Other highlights of the game are the missions system to allow us to grow and learn to play Ultimate Collector and energy system that does not limit daily play as well in other titles of the same court.

Also we will see that the game loses in some occasions sense of realism to the assign some valuations exorbitant or too small as expected (for example, sometimes you will find that an object newly sold to try to recover it instantly its price will have tripled), making it difficult on many occasions our choices when it comes to managing money. Otherwise it is a very complete simulator, with an entirely different proposition to that seen in the genre and gives a lot of play, especially those who are identified with collecting.





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