Uncharted Fight for Fortune

Uncharted Fight for Fortune: A very addictive card game

Uncharted Fight for Fortune is a card game from Sony for its new and successful PS Vita based on action and with a large dose of strategy. It is original, engaging and entertaining, but breaks preconceived schemes that may not be to the appealing to some.

Uncharted Fight for Fortune

Now the important shots are not as common in the franchise and the peculiar character of the protagonist, Nathan. The gameplay is simple, but will be necessary the first items of adaptation. The change has been dramatic.

We have three types of letters, faction, fortune and resources, and we should combine them to finish with our opponent.

As for the faction cards, divided into heroes, villains and mercenaries, represent the characters choose to fill our flanks of attack and defense. For its part, the fortune cards serve to enhance the skills of the characters in the highlights of the game. Finally, resource cards, pose benefits for our factions, more attack strength, defense… The key is to maintain the balance to defend ourselves without neglecting the possibility to inflict harm to the enemy.

Online Mode
The online mode is where we find the real challenge, the unpredictability of a spontaneous reaction. To put into play against other players in our ability to meet the challenge. To know if we are good strategists.

At graphical level the game is right, with an aesthetic familiar to those who have enjoyed previous titles in the franchise.

The action is not explicit, but a card game can have as much or more than a shooter.


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