Valve steam machine

Valve announces Steam Machines

Valve has announced Steam Machines project development, a new category of video game hardware performance and multimedia entertainment designed for TV and the living room, which will arrive in 2014 with several models made by different members of the developer.

Valve steam machine

Valve continues with presentations and after announcing the Linux-based operating system SteamOS, hardware’s turn this Steam Machines that becomes the Steam Box but has an interesting development: There will be a single Valve gaming machine or the manufacture as we read in the announcement:

The entertainment does not have a one size fits forgive you everyone. We want that you can choose the hardware that suits you, for this reason, we are working with various partners to bring to the market during 2014 a variety of Steam machines to play, all of them running with SteamOS.

Valve has not provided details of the components of this gaming machine and optimized multimedia entertainment for the living room of the home and the big screens, but, if we look at previous rumors, think mini-pcs of different power and you will succeed.

An interesting project as an alternative to video game consoles. In addition, if you have an own machine or want fitted it to you on your own; remember that Valve will release SteamOS for free use by any user.