Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter turns 20 and invites us to remember

Virtua Fighter 20th anniversary, an anniversary that brings to mind a huge amount of memories of that time, in which three-dimensional graphics rush flooded the market.

Virtua Fighter

We can clearly distinguish two stages at a specific time during the first half of the nineties. A first marked by Neo Geo, object of desire of 2D immense potential that undoubtedly marked an era, and another marked by the 3D graphics where SEGA Saturn and PlayStation were the first really interesting choices.

Virtua Fighter was one of the most successful SEGA arcade titles, and also the main workhorse of Saturn at its launch, but unfortunately this version was the result of a rapid development, which is over seeing clearly in the final version.

Yes, for example still remember the square fists Akira and the other fighters, in which the fingers are not distinguished as in the arcade. No, just a square piece could be seen in the Saturn version.

The fact is that although the game was, in its time, amazing, in both its arcade version and its namesake for the 32-bit SEGA, to such an extent that marked a turning point, a before and after.