street fighter

Will a next Street Fighter for PS4 and Xbox One?

The person responsible for production work of fighting game series Street Fighter, a benchmark in the genre, said that there are plans for a game for consoles PS4 and Xbox One, although no date has been dropped.

street fighter

Street Fighter, a classic
If you ask most of us let us name a fighting game that has marked our lives as players, I’m sure it will name the Street Fighter. Its people are now part of popular culture and are repeated in each of video games, in addition to incorporating some new, due to the mysticism of that part. Would imagine any of these games without, for example, Ken?

And although the new generation of consoles is still not entirely mandura, already missing games are throwing in classics like this. Therefore, a producer of the Street Fighter saga mentioned that sooner or later the new generation of PS4 and Xbox One consoles will receive a new title Street Fighter, but has not mentioned anything about possible dates. Just know that there are plans, though these may be for a few years.

And Nintendo?
If you are a user of PS4 or Xbox One and love to fight with Street Fighter, you will be happy. However, if you only have the new generation Wii U and you do not plan to buy any other console; you probably can not enjoy this game. Is it worth you think of purchasing one of the new generation of consoles just for this game that does not even know when will be released? Safe that, when that happens, there are other titles so appetizing for PS4 and Xbox One, so… do this you purchase any of these consoles?