wipeout 2048

Wipeout 2048: Futuristic racing fun at the speed of sound

Wipeout 2048 was one of the first games that came to the new and successful Sony PS Vita. It is based on futuristic racing at high speed, above the sound barrier, and the truth is that it is entertaining.

wipeout 2048

Sony classic
The Wipeout saga is a Classic in the Sony consoles. It has always given good results although has not come to be a top ten video games in its genre. This new release maintains the same essential features of its predecessors, but incorporates some new features to adapt to the new possibilities of the PS Vita.

At the level of gameplay we still very demanding careers that will test our reflexes. There are a variety of circuits and design that provide great dynamism to the action (curves, impossible braking, etc.).

Wipeout 2048 proposes an addictive campaign mode to the player, that allows us to participate in various Championships by measuring our skills against the machine. Besides being fast, in some moments we will have to eliminate our opponents to “inelegant” from. Also it is necessary to take into account the health bar, because if we are not careful we can end up with our vehicle disintegrated.

We also have the ability to measure our skills against other players in on-line mode. Up to eight people can play at a time.

At a graphical level not brings many surprises as to what we already knew of this title, but in general the result as a whole is correct. The aesthetics of what is shown on screen is consistent with the type of game and is quite attractive and colorful.