World of warcraft

World of war craft achieves a massive success since 2004

World of warcraft is one of the online role playing games that can be played by multiple players at a time. This game was created by blizzard entertainment in the year 2004. This is the game set in warcraft universe and released as fourth one. Blizzard entertainment published the world of warcraft game on 2nd September 2001. Then on 23rd November, 2004 this game was released.

World of warcraft

This is one among the wonderful games for all people and can be enjoyed well at all times. This game is also ranked one among the best selling computer games next to mine craft and prior to Diablo III. There are four plots in this game that includes shadow of necropolis, gates of Ahn’Qiraj, rise of blood god and assault on the blackwing lair. The latest version of this game is going to be available soon in the market. This is one of the greatest games news for the people who are fond of computer games.

This game is considered by the game lovers as the Methuselah of all video games. This game has also been launched in the world of game without using the iPhone, you tube and facebook. This game was introduced by blizzard entertainment when athlon 64 processors beat the Pentium 4 processor of Intel. This has been with the people who have met via playing the game, coupled together and have children who are aged enough to play this game now.

World of warcraft is being praised by the game lovers of all over the world as one among the wonderful games for all people regardless of their ages. This game is going to rejoice its 10th birthday on November, 2014 with the introduction of its new version or latest game, Warlords of Draenor. As a part of this pre anniversary celebration of this game, CNET has caught up with the designer of the world of warcraft game, Ion hazzikostas to discuss about the game history and its future of landmark game.

The designer of this game was a student at the time of launch of this game having tons of leisure time in the year 2004. Now he is a career person who could spend only few minutes to play this game after making his kids go to sleep. Blitz entertainment has also proclaimed a deal in public that it bundles the game and its expansions together.

The bundles include the version wrath of lich king, mists of pandaria and burning crusade and game players can get it for 19.99 dollars. In addition to this they also announced that subscribers of this game will be upgraded with content of mists of pandaria for free. This is such as great games news for the game lovers especially for people who are fond of the game world of warcraft. Recently this has launched iron tide content for free with a host of changes to the game. The latest version of this game will be released by blitz entertainment on November 13, 2014 celebrating 10 years of massive success in the gaming world.