WWE 13

WWE 13: Wrestling in its purest form

A fighting game based on the classic but trying to bring some innovations to the genre. So WWE 13, a series that improves with every product launches.

WWE 13

The dynamics of the game is very simple. We have a standard of living that will vary depending on the fighting. We can lose everything if we are not alert and, above all, if we do not show as some aggressive fighters and sometimes unscrupulous against our adversaries.

In wrestling there are rules, yes, but few, which gives us a lot of freedom when designing our strategy to defeat the opponent. Or him or us. It’s that easy.

Some news
One of the novelties is that this version is more deliberate action. We can even analyze the opponent, discover their strengths and weaknesses and prepare for combat.

We also have a mode of struggle for pairs, original, although the better classic.

Yes it is a novelty which allows more accurate initiate combat with old legends and greats of wrestling, even varying the fight mechanics, adopting typical movements of pressing catch, where the spectacular premium compared to the realism.

The different levels allow us to keep improving our technique of struggle and we will not bog down, becoming really very addictive game.

A graphic level and aesthetic is well done, and the possibilities of setting up our fighters are quite wide.

A game that is sure to not disappoint fans of the wrestling.







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