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Xbox One: Much more than a console

After 8 years of Xbox 360 and Kinect, Microsoft has introduced its successor, the Xbox One, a totally redesigned console with Kinect and a new remote brand. It will hit the market later this year, but prices were not disclosed.

xbox one

If anything defines the Xbox One is that it is not just for playing games, but it is a system of home entertainment all in one, TV, internet browser, music, television and applications like Skype or Netflix.

The bet on TV is not going to be simply television show, if not that Microsoft has reached agreements for exclusive content such as Steven Spielberg series “Halo” or Smart TV features for as extra content agreed with the NFL can be seen only in the new device that aims to be the center of home entertainment.

Another major new feature is the voice recognition integrated with gestures captured by Kinect and “SmartGlass” to use your phone as a command to handle the Xbox One. Microsoft wants us to forget the television remote control, and practically with the voice we can control only audiovisual entertainment options, and only have to pick up the controller when we want to play a game.

Speech Recognition
Using speech recognition, by saying “Xbox On” recognizes the user’s voice, and takes directly to your account. To say “xbox watch tv” is television sets. You can switch between, music, browser, a movie, television, a game virtually instantaneously. With the gesture system allows you to run a series of actions, such as activating the internet.

“Snap mode” allows two applications at the same time, for example, watching a movie and surf the internet or answer a Skype call. Yes, this confirms that the Xbox One integrate Skype. It also connects to the mobile phone as a remote control to handle the second screen with touch screen phone.

They have included a TV guide, to be able to choose what you see on television, in addition to speech recognition it is possible to change channels. And we can have a favorite place where all the programs that we like to follow.

Xbox Live connects the player with the cloud power. In this case there will be 300,000 cloud servers for Xbox Live; the achievements are stored in the cloud. Xbox Live now allow many more players playing in a single game and let’s start a game while waiting for the companion.

Successful rumors
The technical aspects were not so far from the rumors filtered. The Xbox One will have 8GB RAM, Wifi Direct, Blu-Ray reader, HDMI input and output, USB 3.0 port, bluetooth. They did not specify what operating system you use is the main console, however, have highlighted that have three operating systems simultaneously. Enter a new generation of Kinect, updated to 1,080p resolution and process 2GB of data per second.

“SmartGlass”, the application controller with mobile phone, making also changes, is clearly designed to work with the Xbox One. The rest of the presentation took pains to present some games to be developed for this platform. EA Sports will feature four exclusive titles for Xbox One: “FIFA”, “Madden”, “NBA Live” and “UFC”.