XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – arrives with improved features to Mac

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ is the remake of the classic “UFO: Enemy Unknown”, released 19 years ago. This is a game that, in its own right, is one of the classics histories of the game and now comes to the Mac screens, which is available from the App Store for 49.99 euros.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

This new version of Firaxis Games, launched at the end of 2012, won a great criticism from the websites specializing in video games and all users, many hailed it as game of the year and a new benchmark in strategy games. The developer known Feral that carries games from PC to the MAC launched the version for MAC ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’, a title that probably many “mac users” were willing to try on their computers with OS X for a long time.

The MAC version is exactly like the PC in terms of game experience, so this analysis is valid for both versions with a little difference, to compensate for the months that Apple users have been waiting for the game, the Feral marketed version is “XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite edition”, which brings a few improvements and updates to the PC version and console of October 2012, as Slingshot and Elite Soldier Pack additional contents, updating “The Second Wave”, which includes a number of game modifiers that add more depth and flexibility to the campaign.

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ is a turn-based strategy game in basically played with a group of up to six soldiers against a horde of aliens on a rectangular stage that varies depending on the mission. As we go into the game the soldiers will gain experience and up in level at the same time that missions are gradually increasing in difficulty, choosing the skills we want to improve each time.

The game is divided into two parts. The first is the most focused on the economics and logistics, and build a base, which is the area of engineering to manufacture weapons and research laboratories for new technology, and most important in any strategy game, the resources provided countries to defend them from alien invasion.

In this new version has been simplified database management, instead of having only one more bases and satellites covering every area, which makes the game easier when driving when it is advanced, and to focus more on action.

If anything blame the game are the animations between missions can be shocking at first, but when you take a turn playing time can be quite repetitive and makes the game become more slow and boring.

Mac users are in luck. Now finally you can enjoy this recommendable game on your computers, but always consult before hardware requirements, it does not work on all Apple computers, especially older ones.